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We are creating

Sustainable Circular Waste Solutions

For a Cleaner World

A Waste Free World

Zero Global Waste, through the use of safe and sustainable waste recycling technology, is changing the world for the better.

Together, we can:

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Stop Incinerating Waste
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Eliminate Wasteborne Diseases
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Protect our Forests and Wildlife
Stop Methane Gas Emissions
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Clean our Oceans
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End the use of Fossil Fuels
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Take The Zero Global Waste Pledge

We are working to create a better world. If you're committed to joining us in our mission to create sustainable solutions for the problems facing the earth, sign the pledge below.

What it means to take the Zero Global Waste Pledge:

  • Do your part to reduce waste—especially plastic waste.

  • Responsibly dispose of electronics

  • Look for everyday ways to reduce your waste footprint. Examples of this can include bringing your own coffee mug or reusable water bottle, bringing your own shopping bag, or bringing your own plate, bowl, or cutlery. This helps avoid the use of single-use containers

  • Lead by example in your community

Thank you for taking the Pledge

A Waste Free World
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