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Zero Global Waste develops alternative waste infrastructure using advanced technologies and market disruptive approaches. We are committed to a greener future in which humanity's relationship with waste is radically reformed.

Zero Global Waste is leading a paradigm shift in waste management. Our mission, rooted in the ground-breaking process we call "Circulüm", is to transform waste from an environmental burden into a valuable resource.

The Circulüm method is more than a process; it is synonymous with Zero Global Waste, as well as a revolutionary framework that redefines the industry. It is our answer to the global waste challenge, a symbol of our commitment to a future where the cycle of waste is not just managed but reinvented.

We are the international vanguard in waste conversion, and Circulüm is our answer—where we integrate and leverage advanced technologies to build alternative waste infrastructures. Our expertise extends beyond technical innovation, as we also lead in financing, operations, and development, all integral parts of the Circulüm revolution.

In this context, waste is not an end, but a beginning. It's the starting point for creating valuable resources, like Edunite®, demonstrating the transformative potential of Circulüm.  Circulüm turns one of the most significant ecological challenges of our time into a resource that benefits the world.

With Circulüm at our core, Zero Global Waste is committed to disrupting the status quo and reshaping the world’s relationship with waste.


We are not just recycling; we're redefining.



Corporate Leadership

Jeffory Blackard

President & CEO, Advisory Board Member

Jeffory D. Blackard is an American businessman, real estate developer, philanthropist, and one of the foremost visionaries in the United States. Blackard has over 30 years of experience in international business and real estate development, creating over $2b in assets and fathering the NeoRetroism method of development.


Mr. Blackard and his companies place a premium on community and charitable service. Their contributions include supporting local and international conservation initiatives, underwriting the visions of several global charities, and funding global outreach programs to assist the underprivileged both at home and abroad.


Blackard Companies Website


Mike Allen

Advisory Board Member

Michael Allen is the founder and President of Providence Energy Corporation of Dallas, TX, an oil and gas exploration and production company. Mr. Allen has been an active buyer of oil and gas properties in 15 states. From inception, Providence Energy Corporation acquired interests in over 4,000 wells from companies such as Devon Energy, Sempra Energy, Fina Oil and Gas, Coastal and Apache. Providence Energy is the managing partner of over 2.0 million net acres of minerals in the domestic U. S.


Mr. Allen graduated with an accounting degree from the University of Oklahoma. He is a certified public accountant and he spent the first few years of his career in Dallas with Ernst and Ernst. Mr. Allen is actively involved in several inner city projects funding camps, schools and turn-around projects in the North Texas area. He and his wife and family live in Dallas.

NAT193 Headshots of Nathan2.jpg

Nathan Sheets

Advisory Board Member

Nathan Sheets is the CEO and Chief Steward of Nature Nate’s Honey Company, the #1 branded honey company in the U.S.

After graduating from college and owning his own ad agency, Nathan began serving in ministry where he led over 100 mission trips around the globe. Nathan was also one of the driving forces behind the global ‘I Am Second’ media campaign that highlights stories of hundreds of lives transformed through the grace of Jesus Christ.

In 2010, Nathan decided to make honey his full-time endeavor.  And life has never been sweeter. Nathan is passionate about developing a company that is driven by more than the bottom line — measuring success not just by what he achieves, but also by what he contributes to others.  As Nathan likes to say, “The Lord has blessed us so that we can be a blessing to others.”  Nathan and his wife Patty live in Frisco and have four children.

Regional Personnel

Mladen Jozinovic

Global Senior Advisor

Direct Contact

Mladen Jozinovic has been working in international waste management systems that providing general waste solutions for the municipal, industrial, commercial and retail sectors, as well as, for domestic households.  Long-term business relationships in the EU were built on sustainability, reliability and quality in waste management solutions in throughout Europe.

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